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Making friends with no Lives

How Cooler Are You?
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x.x RULES x.x

x.x NEWBIES x.x

This is a community for people that are cooler than the coollikeus community.If you are an Emo bitch don't even waste our time filling out an application because you will be rejected.Are you cool enough? Read the rules and fill out an app and see if you are!

x.Copy and paste the app into a new post and fill it out.
x.When you fill out your app, go into detail on the questions you can, we want to get to know you.
x.Arguing with the mods gets you extra points.
x.If we dont like you, keep trying so we don't get bored.
x.Post your app. Within 48 hours of joining please.
xWhen I feel like it I will tell you when you are accepted.

x.When Voting put YES or NO in the subject so its easy to count.
x.When Voting dont just say yes or no... have at least 3 reasons.
x.Use + or - to say what you do or dont like about the applicants.
x.Mod votes count as two votes.

The Application

About Yourself

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Location:
4. Height:
5. What are you wearing?:
6. Name a famous person you dislike:
7. Political party:
8. Post some pics of yourself:

1. Color:
2. Top 15 Bands:
3. Top 5 movies:
4. Top 5 books:
5. Animal:
6. Place to be:
7. Kickass person
8. Thing to Eat:
9. Season:
10. Hobbies:
11. What is your best quality:
12. Lyric:
13. Joke:

1. Homosexuality:
2. Labels:
3. The Mods:
4. How you look:
5. The current president:
6. Emo bitches and other pussys:
7. Abortion:
8. Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking:
9. Sex:
10. sXe:
11.Who's the Boss?

Pick one
1. 211 or Smirnoff Ice?:
2. Ice Cream or Pizza?:
3. Hardcore or Softcore?:
4. Emo or Screamo?:
5. Rap or Metal?:
6. Cherry Coke or Mountain Dew?:
7. Snowboarding or Skiing?
8. Penis or Vagina?:
9. Horror Movies or Chick Flicks?:
10.Sharpie or Magic Marker?:
11.Tony Danza or Avril Lavigne?

If we accept you there are no rules you can do whatever the fuck you want. Go ahead and advertise any communities.